The Bedford Mining Alert is a group of citizens in Bedford District, South Frontenac Township in the Province of Ontario, Canada. We are concerned about the growing threat of mining in this region. Many of us have property in the area and some of us have had prospectors stake claims on our property despite our objections. It is our contention that present legislation not only favours mineral rights over surface rights but has in fact, been misinterpreted and misapplied by both prospectors and the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

Members of the BMA feel that mining is not an appropriate land-use in an area that is renowned for and dependent upon tourism and recreation. The ecology of the area is fragile. Its arteries, the vast, complex and interconnected system of lakes, rivers and wetlands are what attract people. We wish to sustain the pristine nature that surrounds us, along with the rural, pastoral setting that we live in and depend upon.

In order to ensure that our community remains sustainable, we have dedicated ourselves to the task at hand. We will lobby the politicians and the media, collaborate on strategy with other groups and will seek legal redress when necessary. Ultimately our goal is to reform a seriously outdated Mining Act.